Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hey all!

I'm back! Sorry I haven't been here in a while. My family has been through a lot since May. My Mom found out she had colon cancer and had to have surgery. Thank the Lord it was contained and they were able to get it all!!!!.She still is having pain from the surgery. Her right hand is really giving her a fit too. Arthritis.  So I have stayed pretty busy . My parents can't get around any more so I have to take them to their appointments  and other errands. I have problems too with arthritis in my hands, knees and lower back. Sometimes I think I may have to give up crafting.  My hands hurt pretty bad sometimes.  Well I hope everyone is doing well. Thought I would post some videos I have made for You Tube.  I spend most of my time just posting there.

So here are some videos of what I have been making lately:

New cards and tea lights I have made lately.

How I make my Tea Light Cakes.

VR to Terri B on You Tube on how I make my Fan cards.

Baby Photo Flip Book inspired by Marla at Lake Avenue Designs.

Baby Boy Mini Album using Little Boy Blue Paper Stack by Crate Paper.

Baby Boy Brag Book using Baby Boy paper by Paper Studio. Inspiration from Marla at Lake Avenue Designs.

Baby Girl Brag Book using Baby Girl papers by Paper Studio. Inspiration from Marla at Lake Avenue Designs.

Hope you enjoy the videos. I had fun making all these projects. Take care everyone.